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Thank you for visiting UK Portals. Here you will find information on our services and solutions.

We are in business to take care of all your on-line needs. Whether you require a simple website to promote your business or a full blown e-commerce application we can develop the right solution for you. Our personal service guarantees a reliable service to both you and your business.

We hope that you find the information contained on this site helpful and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to discuss anything you have read in further detail.


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Updates On SEO In 2016- How Things Have Changed

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Everything in the world ends on the web and a small click on the giant search engines. The search is optimized according to various parameters, and you get the most relevant result of your search. In order to optimize the search, there are different methods and techniques. The optimization is done accordingly, and the rules are changed to keep the pace with the changing requirement and need of the time.

Behind The Curtains

The search engine optimization has been carried out for every single search you do use the web. There are many things you need to understand about the search engine optimization algorithms and techniques used. The analysis of any website is the primary task for optimization. The traffic on the website, the contents, landing pages and many other things are counted on.

The keyword is the next most important thing as the search depends on it. The keywords ranking, gathering of data and keyword ideas are some basic points to look for preparing for fast results. The keyword result come up when you have made the content, website architecture and technical issues proper to be taken up by the website. The search should not revert back with any junk data, and the content is always monitored.

Need A Link

The website cannot work on a simple keyword. Like everything else, websites have link dependencies. The online processes of brand monitoring and dealing with feedback also make a big difference in the reputation of the website and the related things to it. The search algorithms are described and changed many times according to the requirements.

Changes Turned Upside Down

Many changes have been implemented in 2016 regarding SEO. Some of them are for the good of websites and some for the good of links and traffic.

  • Contents following or below the sponsored post are going to be discarded.
  • More than one-third advertising links on the website can lead to low relevancy
  • Irrelevant content or more questionnaire based content to be considered thin
  • The ads and rewritten content can be a sharp cut in the traffic
  • Indexing because of the robust file may cause big damage to site’s reputation

The latest panda update has changed many things in terms of SEO and the websites not following up with the updates are sure to encounter less traffic than expected. The changes should be considered in the SERP and the tracking of any further change to enhance the quality of content should be welcomed.

The quality update by the biggest search giant is considered, and these updates keep on changing with varying amendments. The optimization works truly and effectively with all those algorithms designed for the better traffic. The links and advertising should be properly carried out, and it should be made sure that things are working according to the latest search algorithms. The most recent panda update will be followed by many different upgrades. This last update in March has been quite challenging and beneficial as well for the good content websites.

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